Tipsy Tuesday – Fresh Raspberry Lemonade


Happy Tipsy Tuesday everyone! Does it seem like the days are just flying by to anyone else? I don’t know, maybe it is just because we only get a few of weeks of summer here if we are lucky and I don’t want it to end! We have had a few rainy days sprinkled about but for the most part the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! In the 70’s to low 80’s clear sky and so beautiful! This is what we Washingtonians live for the other 10 months of the year. It doesn’t seem worth it until it gets here and then you think “Ah yes, this is what we have been waiting for!”.
Of course with the gorgeous weather, nice fresh fruit drinks are called for. It is just a requirement in my mind. We were at a new local Mexican restaurant and I saw they had a margarita made with fresh muddled citrus, no mix, just fresh fruit. Yum!!! So when I was thinking about what I wanted to make for this weeks Tipsy Tuesday I knew it had to use fresh fruit. I just couldn’t decide what to use. I mean I could literally stand in the fresh produce isle and stare for hours at all of the beautiful fresh ingredients available this time of year! 

I decided this week to make a drink that can be with or without alcohol, your choice. Either way it is a winner. The fresh lemon and raspberry flavors just seemed to be made for each other and the vodka plays nicely with them. My daughter (Miss Picky Pants), who is here from California visiting for a few days, loved this is quickly drank two before I could bat an eye (virgin ones). I sipped mine and enjoyed the flavors. 
This drink is perfect for a beautiful summer day. Sitting on the back patio, smelling the grill cooking away, and just enjoying the sunshine on my face. There are those moments when time seems to stand still, this was one of those moments, and with everything seeming to wiz past so quickly it was a moment to cherish!
Fresh Raspberry Lemonade
1 lemon, sliced and the slices cut in half, reserve one slice for garnish
8 fresh raspberries, reserve 2 for garnish
1 to 2 ounces of simple syrup, to taste preference
1 to 2 ounces ounce of vodka, your preference
In a cocktail shaker, muddle the lemons and the raspberries. Add some ice and the simple syrup and vodka. Shake well. Fill a glass with ice and pour the mixture into the glass. Remove a few of the slices of lemon if wanted. Garnish with lemon slice and raspberries.


About Bobbi Burleson

Mom to 2 kiddos and one little Westhighland Terrier. A So Cal girl at heart, I now live with my boyfriend/sous chef in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a writer, recipe developer, photographer, and lover of wildlife, the out of doors, and scrapbooking. My philosophy is to hold those you love close and enjoy each and every moment you can. Oh, and eat mac and cheese, you can never have too much mac and cheese!

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